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Captain Meredith Marx

Before she rose to the rank of Captain, young Cadet Marx was born into the storm that is rock and roll. Her father owns a sound company and produced tours from some of music’s biggest names. From teaching Bette Midler how to eat crabs or being sung to on stage by Whitney Houston, Meredith sure knew how to navigate her way backstage! She watched everything that went on from sound to production to venues to the band. She literally grew up in the heart of the music scene. It’s just in her blood.

As she gained more experience navigating the storm, Marx decided to set sail on her own path in radio and television. With a career that has since spanned dozens of stations up and down the east coast, Marx had done just about everything on-air, and even on television, except steer her own ship.

It was time to take everything she learned growing up backstage and through her broadcast career and to bring them together. “Backstage Pass with Meredith Marx” launched in 2017 giving listeners an opportunity to experience what it is like to be backstage before, during and after a show from life on a tour bus, catering, sound checks, and moving from city to city. She has had the honor of bringing listeners together with artists such as Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Lita Ford, John Oates, Steve Miller Band, and the man she has the privilege to call her “Uncle”, Frankie Valli.

In January 2020, Marx entered a shipyard (er radio station) known as WTMD in Baltimore and stole the finest yacht in its dock. Loading its boughs with the smoothest, coolest music of the 1970s, 80s, and even a little bit from the early 1990s, “The Yacht Club” has set sail to bring much joy to Sunday mornings throughout greater Baltimore and worldwide.

While steering the ships known as “Backstage Pass” and “The Yacht Club”, Captain Marx continues to live the rockstar life wherever she goes on land or sea. She is mother to twin daughters Casey and Parker, and her two social media influencer Puggles, Georgie and Louie.

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Saturday 03:00pm - 06:00pm The Yacht Club with Captain Meredith Marx

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